I am type three diabetic and that condition caused the multiple sclerosis to happen.

The pancreas secretes two symbiotic hormones: insulin and glucagon. As we all know, most diabetics have trouble with insulin. Glucagon levels in our blood should be around 100. If it is less than 50, that signifies pathology. My blood test showed that my glucagon level was 26. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to glucagon the way one might have access to insulin. It just doesn’t exist.

The glucose in our systems is used by the brain/nervous system first. Then it becomes glycogen which we need to maintain muscles. Over the years, my nervous system and my muscular system were starved of glucose. That is the cause of the problem.

We are often warned about sitting for longer than 20 minutes. We should get up and move around. Well, I have been sitting for 10 years. That hurts and I am so extremely weak.

I haven’t walked for 12 years. I haven’t stood on my own in over two years and I haven’t stood assisted for over a year.

I have been exercising since I was diagnosed but my muscles don’t grow (see aforementioned glucagon problem.) The exercises just get harder and harder to do and eventually I stop doing them.

Therefore, in order to improve at all, obviously, we need to put the fire out and then rebuild this house.

My day to day condition is pretty rough. I am practically bedridden. I am officially 90% dependent on my caregiver who is my beloved spouse. Being upright is extremely uncomfortable. I am in a great deal of pain.

We are putting the fire out!
We made contact with a wonderful nurse who is going to come to our house, extract stem cell rich blood plasma from my healthy 18-year-old son then inject it into specific places in me. This will repeat every 90 days thereafter.

That treatment is going to make me feel better. It will enable me to begin the process of rebuilding this house.
I’m going to practice mantras and tapping and meditation every single day.
I’m going to picture that plasma in my body doing strong and positive things. It is making changes and my muscles are going to start to grow.
I will get on the floor and do exercises as I have been doing for the past 25 years. But this time! My muscles are going to grow. Things will just start becoming a little bit easier. That’s how I will rebuild the house.

And I will sit in the sunlight every day and I will touch the earth as much as I can. And I will drink clean water. And I will block blue light. And I will protect myself against radiation. And I will eat mostly carnivore and lots and lots of fat. I will consume beef bone broth full of srength and goodness from the cow that will help rebuild me. And I will believe.

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