Overall pain level is higher right now because my psoas muscle is so so tight and sore. Why? No idea.

Almost entirely all of the pain that I experience is a result of sitting down for over 10 years.

Important parts of my protocol –


15mcg boron /day

60 drops Lugols Iodine /day

500 mg magnesium am / 750 mg magnesium pm

Minimum 30 minutes sunshine /day (pre 10am ideally)

Grounding as much as possible

Guided meditation

EFT (tapping)


2-4 tsp Sovereign powdered bovine colostrum / day

Yoga Nidra – my favorite new activity. I love this practice. Essentially, they call it restful awakeness. My favorite in this practice is a person named Kristyn Rose. Kristyn Rose Yoga

And she has plenty of videos on YouTube. I listen to a different one every day.

It’s incredibly easy to feel discouraged right now. Treatment number two did not give me the same results as the first time. It was less noticeable. I need to remember that work is still being done on the cellular level. Stem cells from that plasma are doing a lot of work. This process is going to take a very long time.

And I’m going to be trying until the day I die. I will never stop trying to get better. So the hope is always there. But that’s not enough right now. My soul needs to be convinced that this will work 100%. I will get well. I need to believe that. It doesn’t work if I don’t believe that.

Treatment number three is Saturday, November 25.