15mcg boron /day

60 drops Lugols Iodine /day

500 mg magnesium am / 750 mg magnesium pm (magnesium has been called the great “soother”. I take this to help with muscle stiffness, to help with muscle twitches in my legs and sleep better.)

Minimum 30 minutes sunshine /day (pre 10am ideally)

Grounding as much as possible

Yoga Nidra

Guided meditation

EFT (tapping)

A word about DIET…

I believe that the 100% carnivore diet is the most healing that we can choose. No, I’m not there anymore. I have allowed carbs in my diet. Why? I don’t have much of an appetite. I had to force myself to eat most of the time. In the interest of keeping myself nourished and alive, I made the decision a long time ago to just eat whatever I wanted (within reason!). I don’t experience obvious negative results when I eat sugar or gluten, for instance, so I decided, I am 52 years old and I’m tired of cutting things out of my diet. Food is a great pleasure for me. Food treats are important in my life. So I’m going to continue on as I am. It’s better for my soul to just eat what sounds good. So that’s what I do. With a GREAT emphasis on good fat.

Some elements of my diet are not negotiable.

I proudly eat organic and non-gmo (that means I’m not vaccinated.)

All meat is local, grass fed, and happy (well, up until the point when it became my dinner)

Raw dairy